Eluxolweni Boys Home meets IS 52!

"International cultural exchange is impossible--
therefore we must try."

-Tadashi Suzuki

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our South African Pen Pals

Today we received our first photos of the boys at Eluxolweni Boys Home.

The boys wrote that in this photo, they are
dancing and singing for us!


Some images from our rehearsals. This shows us working on a dance, writing our script, and using improv to figure out the best staging.

Our Self Portraits

We took photos that represented aspects of ourselves. We explored ideas and images that best represent who we are. What side of me do you think I was representing?




Responses from the South African boys

We got our first responses!!

Ayanda's response to Giancarlos' poem:

Afika's response to Sinny:
We were blown away by the artistic talent in these drawings!

From Baxolele to Ashley:
From Aphelele to Escarla:
The slideshow of all the letters to IS 52 and James Baldwin!

Letters to Eluxolweni Boys Home

We wrote our first letters to Africa! We're excited to start this exchange with the boys from South Africa. We have no idea what to expect.

From Giancarlos:

From Sinny:
From Nelly:
From Escarla:

Click here to see a slideshow with all the letters!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Giancarlos: right now what were doing is probably a musical in process. i can just really tell its gonna be fun.I've been in a different drama program for a few years and i just love to perform and act. some people want to act for the publicity fame and fortune but i think they're wrong because it should just be about the fun.

Sinny:when we started working playground with ali our teacher, i asked her, if we could do a musical and she said no. But just now in i.s.52 we were singing all of our favorite songs and so she decided that it would be a musical because when she heard all of our favorite songs she loved them amd she decided that our show was going to be a musical and i am so exited for it!

omar:hi! i am in working playground and is so coooooooooooooooool!!! I love the practice and we get to share ideas. It is great.right now we are working on a idea of a musical. we started today. not the -program the idea.I am so exited :)!!

Ashley!:Hello world and all who inhabit it! Our group is writing a musical type of play about songs that connect to the world and also how we connect to songs and the world too. I just recently joined again, so I'm new to the new script. I'm so pumped! I hope this play is sizzling! >.<

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Master Works of Art

This is the Oden Theater's street spectacle performance.... This is an example of using theater....