Eluxolweni Boys Home meets IS 52!

"International cultural exchange is impossible--
therefore we must try."

-Tadashi Suzuki

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Giancarlos: right now what were doing is probably a musical in process. i can just really tell its gonna be fun.I've been in a different drama program for a few years and i just love to perform and act. some people want to act for the publicity fame and fortune but i think they're wrong because it should just be about the fun.

Sinny:when we started working playground with ali our teacher, i asked her, if we could do a musical and she said no. But just now in i.s.52 we were singing all of our favorite songs and so she decided that it would be a musical because when she heard all of our favorite songs she loved them amd she decided that our show was going to be a musical and i am so exited for it!

omar:hi! i am in working playground and is so coooooooooooooooool!!! I love the practice and we get to share ideas. It is great.right now we are working on a idea of a musical. we started today. not the -program the idea.I am so exited :)!!

Ashley!:Hello world and all who inhabit it! Our group is writing a musical type of play about songs that connect to the world and also how we connect to songs and the world too. I just recently joined again, so I'm new to the new script. I'm so pumped! I hope this play is sizzling! >.<

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